11+ Essex

Selective schools in Essex offer entrance into Year 7. The body responsible for conducting the entrance examinations is the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE.) The link to their website is available by clicking here CSSE.) CSSE are not responsible for allocating / offering school places. The CSSE 11+ Essex examination is offered as part of a selection process by Grammar and Selective Schools in Essex.

11+ Registration and Timeline

A single examination takes place during the September of a student's Year 6. Selective schools in Essex have limited spaces for students, places are offered to students obtaining the highest scores in the examinations and in conjunction with each school’s own admissions policies.

The 11+ examination takes place one calendar year prior to students entering Year 7.

Preparation for the 11+ examination in not offered as part of the national curriculum. The preparation process is often confused for being part of a KS2 students general learning. This is a common misconception which leads to the loss of valuable time in preparation for this significant life event.


Whilst an overhaul of the 11+ examination was implemented in 2014 with the goal of aligning more with the education syllabus of KS2, significant skills and practice opportunities are missed due to the lack of knowledge regarding the 11+ process.

Students wishing to sit the examination must be registered with CSSE. Registration opens in summer term of Year 5 via CSSE website or by post. There are no entrance fees and all the relevant forms can be filled out online, and the forms can be found on the CSSE website.

The exam itself may be taken at CSSE schools and full details of the venues are all on the CSSE website. Exam results are announced typically 2 to 3 weeks after the exam being taken. The results are sent via post and allow enough time to consider school options should a student have achieved a pass mark high enough to be considered for a selective school.

The standard secondary school place application process via Local Authorities still applies, essentially a student who achieves a pass mark is entitled to apply for selective schools on their local authority secondary school application.