GCSE Tutoring

The paramount objective when undertaking private tuition for GCSE - is clearly a successful exam result. The results ACESX have achieved so far speak for themselves. The pass rates for 80% of our GCSE students are B or higher grades in the subjects we teach them. ACESX welcome underperforming students who have previously failed in their given subjects. These students have gained much improved grades following our private tuition.

All the following subject areas - English, Maths and Science (physics, chemistry and biology) are taught by qualified and experienced tutors in preparation for GCSEs in years 10 and 11.

All tutors at ACESX have a thorough understanding of specific coursework and examination requirements for the different GCSE examination boards. Thus, the resources we use are dependent on the board in question. We help all our students gain a thorough understanding of key concepts and principles and focus on good examination technique to ensure the best possible grades.

To find out more about our GCSE Tuition, please call today on 07455 186 906 to discuss your requirements. If you would like to use our online enquiry form, then please click here and one of our team will contact you on the next working day.

Study Skills Support

Children and young students may have a good grasp of their GCSE subject but suffer from poor exam technique. ACESX will guide the students on how to tackle exam questions in a practical and effective way. ACESX are on hand for pastoral support, timetable advice and last minute revision technique. We recommend online support to help with revision as soon as needed.


Exam preparation: Revision and time table support followed by general support

Our study skills tutors are used to being called upon for last minute help and for this they recommend an hour of general support rather than the revision and timetable support. Telephone support is also available for any last minute assistance:

Last minute re-sit help: General support