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Ideally a student should begin their 11+ preparation in Year 4.

Our services are designed to offer your child their optimum chance of success. Tuition, Bootcamps and Mock exams provide a young person with the best opportunity of feeling prepared and confident when exam day arrives.

Initial 11+ assessment

2-year Tuition Plan (From Year 4)

1 year Tuition Plan (From Year 5)

Intensive 13 week (For late starters)


Held during Easter, Spring Break and Summer school holidays, Bootcamp is an enhanced revision opportunity for students already engaged in tuition. Bootcamp focuses on revision of all concepts covered relating to 11+ maths and english exams, examination techniques, management of associated emotions and time management skills.

Mock Examinations

Held in the weeks preceding the actual 11+ exam itself to prepare students for the examination environment. A way of developing confidence in the weeks leading up to exam day.

Distance Learning

We offer various packages for distance learning.

Life skills development

Exam techniques development