ACESX Study and Life Skills

The Academic Centre of Excellence is a progressive, result based facility where students are given structured Core Life Skills development and competency training which will complement their studies and lead to holistic development of personality and character.

This comprehensive programme has been structured alongside formal academic skills training and is offered in line with local and global best practices, latest teaching methods and technology. These transferable studying techniques are subsequently utilised in the following Core Life Skills Classes: Effective Communication; Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking; Decision Making; Coping with Stress; Negotiation; Problem Solving; Empathy; Self Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution.

Upon completion of the programme students transition into more confident individuals increasingly comfortable and resilient in their academic, social and personal surroundings. A newly developed resilience mechanism leads to an increased confidence and interest in school and schoolwork. With further encouragement from home and peers the students will continue to develop new friendships and further improve self esteem and character.